Podcast review: Alcohol Free Life – Janey Lee Grace

Hosted by Janey Lee Grace (BBC presenter and holistic living advocate) the Alcohol Free Life podcast has given me so much inspiration. She has an approachable, non-judgemental style making her very relatable and easy to listen to.

Janey’s interviews with people who have ‘ditched the booze’ (one of her favourite phrases) as well as experts in various wellbeing fields, have provided me with plenty of helpful advice and inspiration as I navigate the world of alcohol-free living.

I resonate with Janey’s story of being a grey area drinker. Like me, she didn’t experience a rock bottom as such, just a realisation that alcohol wasn’t serving her well.

I love her no-judgement approach to discussions around alcohol and the benefits of choosing not to drink.

Listening to this podcast has helped me to realise that you don’t have to label yourself an alcoholic or feel your life is being derailed before choosing to go ditch the booze.

Her positive approach to alcohol free living normalises it and helps to reinforce that the choice I have made is a good one. This is particularly helpful when I get sucked into questioning whether giving up alcohol was a massive over-reaction.

It wasn’t, and the Alcohol Free Life podcast helps to reaffirm that decision.

Janey Lee Grace recently released her book Happy Healthy Sober which I would also recommend.

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