Ditching drinking – one of the biggest wellness trends right now

In an Australian Women’s Health story published this week, I shared my experience as an alcohol coach, commenting on the rise in people choosing to quit drinking.

It certainly is something that I, and others in the industry, are seeing.

I was quoted in the article, saying:

“We are hearing from more and more people who are questioning their relationship with alcohol. Giving up alcohol used to be something that was seen as a last resort when a person had reached a rock bottom in their drinking.”

Rachael Layton, Alcohol Coach (As quoted in Australian Women’s Health)

I spoke about what I had seen as an alcohol coach – the increasing shift in the way people are viewing alcohol and the realisation that they don’t need to hit rock bottom to decide alcohol isn’t doing them any favours.

“The more people are learning about the impacts their drinking is having on their physical and mental health, the more they’re deciding they no longer want to drink. It’s become a choice rather than a necessity.”

I’m so glad that this is a topic that is increasingly being covered in the media.

These types of discussions are helping people who are struggling with their relationship with drinking to realise that taking a break is a viable option and one that will lead to improvements in their health and wellbeing.

The story, which highlighted that ditching drinking was “one of the biggest wellness trends right now”, also looked at the booming alcohol-free drinks market.

If you’re looking for some alternative drink choices they provided a good list of alcohol-free wines, beers, mocktails and spirits.

Please be aware that these alcohol-free drinks can be triggering for some people so, if you find that is the case for you, I recommend you try something that doesn’t replicate an alcoholic drink.

Visit the Australian Women’s Health website to read the full story including the drinks review.

Photo by Fernanda Latronico from Pexels

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