Am I the only one who is questioning my drinking?

Alcohol Reset Facebook Group

When I first started worrying about how much I was drinking and whether I was heading into dangerous territory, I thought I was alone.

Friends and family who were drinkers fell into two groups:

  • Those who barely drank – the ones who could sit on one glass of wine for two hours taking a small sip every now and again (how did they do that?!); or
  • Those who liked to drink – this was the larger group (particularly among my friends and family) and were the ones who enjoyed a drink or two or much more.

I well and truly fell into the second group.

But when I felt my tolerance to alcohol was increasing and started worrying that I was drinking more than I should, it felt that no-one around me was having the same concerns.

Even those who drank a lot were seemingly unconcerned about it.

While I worried about hazy memories of the night before or was waking at 3am unable to get back to sleep, they laughed it off as a necessary evil – the price you pay for ‘enjoying’ a drink.

The importance of community

I now know that there were others who were questioning their drinking – it was just something that no-one talked about.

When I started figuring out why I wasn’t a ‘normal’ drinker, I turned to books, podcasts and social media where I read, listened and followed other people whose experience was similar.

And that sense of community helped me realise there was nothing wrong with me – or at least nothing that I couldn’t overcome.

I realised that I didn’t need to hit a rock bottom to change my relationship with alcohol.

Being able to form connections with others who were in the same boat was so good because I could finally talk freely about my concerns and hear from others who were dealing with similar questions.

Interested in joining a private Facebook Group?

I have launched the Alcohol Reset Facebook Group – a judgement-free and private space where people can join in the discussion, ask questions and get tips for gaining back control of your drinking.

And we’ll also include the light-hearted stuff because we all need a laugh.

The more we can open up the conversation, the less alone we’ll all feel. I’d love for you to join – click here to join the private Alcohol Reset Facebook Group.

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