Top tips for Dry July … or any time you want to take a break from drinking

Happy 1 July, which officially means we’re in the second half of the year!

It’s also the start of Dry July so if you’re planning to take a break from drinking this month, I’ve listed some tips below to help you to enjoy being alcohol free rather than white knuckling through the 31 days.


If socialising is always linked to drinking, consider ways to catch up with friends that don’t revolve around alcohol:

  • Go out for brunch instead of dinner (just don’t order a mimosa with your eggs benny!)
  • Take a hike (as in go for a walk and talk with a friend or your other half)
  • Try a new experience like an escape room, bridge climb or cooking class 
Managing stress

If you drink to switch off from your busy life consider ways to unwind without alcohol: 

  • Meditation – if you haven’t tried it, check out Calm, Headspace or other meditation apps. Most have free versions.
  • Breathwork – there are so many breathwork techniques but a simple one is box breathing (exhale for the count of four, hold for four, inhale for four and hold for four, then repeat)
  • Practice daily gratitude – each day list three things for which you are grateful. I jot these down in a notebook but you could also mentally list them as you’re going about everyday activities (e.g. when stopped at the traffic lights or brushing your teeth!).
Having fun

If you associate drinking with fun, think of other ways you can add a bit of spark to your day:

  • Music (create a ‘feel good’ playlist and crank it up when you want to put a smile on your face)
  • Watch a comedy on TV or some funny clips on You Tube (I highly recommend Julie Nolke and Jimmy Rees) for a bit of a laugh
  • If you have children or a dog in your life (either your own or someone you know) take them to the park or beach – kids and dogs know how to have a great time without wine, beer or vodka to get them going!
What to drink? 

You don’t need to stick to water or sugary soft drinks during the month. Swap out your drink of choice for an alcohol-free option:

  • If you want an alcohol-free version of your favourite drink there are plenty of alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits on the market. Check out Sip & Enjoy and Sans Drinks.
  • If you want to steer clear of anything that looks or tastes like alcohol try sparkling water, ginger beer, kombucha, iced tea …
  • Herbal teas are also great and there are so many varieties. A liquorice one (Liquorice Legs from T2) is my fave.

If you’re taking a break this month, or thinking of doing so in the future, embrace it as something positive you’re doing for your health and wellbeing, rather than counting down the days until you can have a drink.

I’ll also share these and other tips on my Facebook group page and Instagram during July. Feel free to join if you haven’t already done so.

Need support?

Trying to change your relationship with alcohol by doing it yourself isn’t easy. I know, I’ve been there.

If you would like support to gain back control of your drinking please reach out. I offer:

One-on-one coaching (book in for a discussion call or send me an email)

Alcohol Reset Program – Self-paced, online program

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