“I was stuck in the moderation trap – trying to moderate and not being able to.”

In my interview with burnout and balance coach Wendy McCallum on her podcast Bite-Sized Balance, we discussed a whole range of topics including moderation:

“I was stuck in that moderation trap – trying to moderate and not being able to. And it was making my drinking increase.”

I also chatted about the love/hate relationship I had with alcohol:

“For so many years I had this tug-of-war with drinking and was questioning it but not really understanding why (it had a hold on me).”

We also talked about:

  • my realisation that I didn’t have to hit rock bottom to reassess the way I was drinking
  • my two experiences of giving up drinking and why one worked while the other didn’t
  • how I went from a ‘take-it-or-leave it’ drinker to someone who was finding it difficult to cut back (and who was thinking about drinking far too much)
  • the misalignment between my health goals and the way I drank
  • how perimenopause and COVID were the final wake-up calls I needed to rethink my drinking
Finding freedom

I finally found freedom through a combination of changing my mindset around alcohol and understanding the science around how alcohol works in our bodies and brains.

The best part of this approach? There was no willpower required!

It was what finally worked for me and what led me to become a certified alcohol coach who helps other women who are struggling like I was.

If you are worried about your relationship with alcohol and want to chat to me about the support I can provide, you can book in for an obligation-free discovery call.

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