How do you deal with a stressful day without drinking?

woman in white long sleeve shirt wearing eyeglasses sitting at a table

As someone who used to drink to unwind from the stresses of life, I was worried about how I would deal with crappy days without turning to wine.

I could really relate to the meme: “Drink responsibly? Shit, responsibility is why I drink”.

Yes I knew that drinking too much wasn’t good for me.

But it wasn’t as if I was lying in a gutter swigging out of a bottle in a brown paper bag.

I was drinking like most other people in my life – as a way to take the edge off and unwind.

The problem was that it wasn’t really working that well.

I knew that drinking wasn’t good for me:

  • It was interfering with my sleep
  • My perimenopause symptoms were worse when I drank
  • I was worried that my tolerance was increasing
  • I knew that it was impacting my fitness
  • I was concerned about having hazy memories of the night before if I had drunk too much

While I knew all of this, I just couldn’t see how I would manage the stresses of life if I couldn’t have a drink to relax.

So, when I decided to take a break from drinking, I realised that I needed other ways to unwind without the wine.

It’s something I also tell my clients to do – find ways to help you decompress when you’re stressed, angry, frustrated or bored.

Unwinding without wine

Some of the things I do are:

  • Meditate
  • Swim laps
  • Take a walk while listening to a podcast
  • Read a book
  • Paint
  • Journal

Make sure you include some options that don’t take a lot of time.

For example, if I don’t have time to go for a walk or a swim, I can do some deep breathing or a short meditation.

I can even spend five minutes writing in my journal – it’s amazing how much better you’ll feel if you can fill a page or two with all your frustrations (expletives optional!).

So, if you’re drinking to relax after a busy day, consider some healthier alternatives. 

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