Finding it hard to moderate? This is why

Woman upset about drinking

If you’re worried that you’re drinking too much, you’ve probably tried to cut back.

Like so many of us who have tried to moderate our drinking, you may have been shocked that it was not as simple as you first thought.

You may even have questioned if there was something wrong with you.

“Why is this so hard?”

“Why can’t I be more disciplined?”

“Why do other people seem to be in control of the way they drink?”

It’s a common reason that people reach out to alcohol coaches for support.

Why it’s difficult to cut back

The good news is that if you’re finding it difficult to moderate, it’s not because of some character flaw within you – it’s actually the way alcohol works. 

It’s an addictive substance and trying to cut back is not a simple exercise.

I’ve written about this in the latest blog on the Alcohol Coaches Australia website, which you can read on the website.

Alcohol Coaches Australia

I am one of the founding member of Alcohol Coaches Australia, a collective of Australian-based certified coaches who are passionate about supporting people to change their relationship with alcohol.

We are all fully certified This Naked Mind coaches who use the latest research and science-based methodology, with a compassion-led approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take back control of their drinking.

Want more information and support?

If you want to know more about what alcohol coaching actually is and how it can help, I’ve answered the most commonly asked questions that I receive in this post.

If you want to chat with me about this you can book in a free discussion call.

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