About me

I spent years questioning how much I was drinking, worried what impacts it was having on my health and trying to moderate.

As someone who had their life together in every other way (well, as much as any of us really have our lives together!), I couldn’t understand why I would regularly drink more than I wanted to.

Rachael Layton
Rachael Layton

Taking back control of alcohol has transformed my life in so many positive ways and now I want to help others achieve the same freedom.

I am a certified This Naked Mind coach and use my experience, as well as the knowledge I’ve gained through my training, to help other people struggling with the same battle to feel empowered rather than trapped.

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My story

Are you worried that your relationship with alcohol has gone from fun to toxic?

I went through years of questioning my relationship with alcohol, knowing that I was drinking too much and worried that I was heading down a dangerous path.

While I knew I wasn’t an alcoholic (although that didn’t stop me from occasionally Googling “Am I an alcoholic?”), I also wasn’t someone who was happy with just a glass or two every now and then.

So, what do you do when you feel that alcohol is doing you more harm than good, but you haven’t hit a ‘rock bottom’ where the booze is controlling your life?

This, my friend, is the land of the grey-area drinker (or gray-area drinker for US readers), and a large percentage of drinkers fall into this category.

So, when I got to the stage where I didn’t like the direction my drinking was headed, I started looking into why alcohol had such a hold on me.

I learnt how to make alcohol small and irrelevant in my life, which has been a game changer.

It’s led to better physical and mental health, new and exciting opportunities, and a whole world of positives that I had not expected.

If you are looking for inspiration to change your relationship with booze – whether that means giving up for a period, ditching alcohol for good or simply being more mindful of your drinking – I can help.

I chronicle my journey and share the tips, tools and tricks that helped me to embrace living life alcohol free with positivity, energy and joy.

Cheers to that!

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