How is your end of year looking?

Are you feeling the joy and peace of the season or is it more a case of stress and overindulgence? In the past, this time of year for me was definitely the latter. Too much food, spending too much money and drinking too much. End-of-year parties, catch-ups with friends, Christmas itself – it was exhausting.Continue reading “How is your end of year looking?”

Using alcohol to numb the pain

When I look back to when my relationship with drinking changed, I realise it was when I started to use it as a crutch to deal with stressful situations. One of the most traumatic times in my life was when I separated from the father of my children and was going through the stress ofContinue reading “Using alcohol to numb the pain”

If it is good enough for Adele, it’s good enough for me

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot in common with Adele. Great singing voice (Adele = yes, Me = definitely not) World-wide fame and adoring fans (Adele = yes, Me = sadly no!) Front-cover of both British and US Vogue (Adele = yes and wow!, Me = not anytime soon ever) However, what we do haveContinue reading “If it is good enough for Adele, it’s good enough for me”

How alcohol-free drinks helped me take a break from booze

When I decided to take a break from alcohol one of my biggest concerns was what to drink instead, especially in social situations. Drinking is such an integral part of socialising that life without alcohol brought up images of everyone clinking their glasses of wine while I sat forlornly in a corner nursing a plasticContinue reading “How alcohol-free drinks helped me take a break from booze”

How to socialise when you’re not drinking

Until I decided to take a break from drinking I didn’t realise how much my social life revolved around alcohol. Catch up with the girls = long lunch with wine Birthday celebration = pop the champers Date night at a restaurant = what’s on the wine list? I was worried that if I took aContinue reading “How to socialise when you’re not drinking”

Beer yoga is now a thing – is nowhere safe from our expanding drinking culture?

A craft brewery near me hosts beer yoga sessions – named beer and bend – that they market as the perfect way to end the day. Is it really? The location is fantastic. I can imagine doing yoga on a lawn overlooking the river as the sun goes down. But adding a beer into theContinue reading “Beer yoga is now a thing – is nowhere safe from our expanding drinking culture?”

FOMO – am I really missing out?

When I began to entertain the thought of going alcohol free, I was filled with dread. It was not just the thought of life without my faithful friend wine but also the fear of missing out (FOMO). Whenever I considered going a month alcohol free I could not imagine doing anything social without having aContinue reading “FOMO – am I really missing out?”

Six months – six highlights

Pop open the (non-alcoholic) sparkling wine – today I clocked up half a year of being alcohol free. If you told me six months ago that not only would I have reached this milestone, but that I’d be grateful that alcohol was no longer in my life, I would have scoffed at such a suggestion.Continue reading “Six months – six highlights”

The five senses approach to mindfulness

For those of us who have minds that seem to be more cluttered that a hoarder’s home – which I would guess is most of us – it can be difficult to pull ourselves out of our heads and experience the world around us. One of the reasons I drank was to reduce stress. IContinue reading “The five senses approach to mindfulness”