Why trekking the Inca Trail was the best way to celebrate turning 50

As published on Intrepid Travel’s The Journal blog.

A psychologist may have some theories about why two 50-year-olds decided to mark their half century by visiting an ancient ruin, but let’s not overanalyse this.

Leading up to our 50th birthdays, my partner and I talked about doing a river cruise along the Rhine, taking in the history and beauty of Europe while enjoying fine foods and wines.

As pleasant as that sounded, it didn’t quite float our boat – pardon the pun – because we knew it was something we could do when we were older and less mobile.

We decided that while we were (relatively) young, (somewhat) fit and (completely) delusional, we should tackle an adventure trip.

For decades I’ve wanted to visit Machu Picchu but had never seriously looked into it.

Now it had escalated to the top of the travel list and we decided that, to do it justice, we would walk in the footsteps of the Incas and do the four-day Inca Trail.

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