How is your end of year looking?

Drinking anxious Christmas

Are you feeling the joy and peace of the season or is it more a case of stress and overindulgence?

In the past, this time of year for me was definitely the latter. Too much food, spending too much money and drinking too much.

End-of-year parties, catch-ups with friends, Christmas itself – it was exhausting. The booze flowed throughout December and by Boxing Day I was tired, hungover and not feeling the Christmas cheer!

Now I still enjoy all the treats of the season (shortbread and fruit mince pies are my faves) and I always spend more than I budgeted, but at least now that I have control of my drinking, overindulging on booze is no longer an issue.

In fact, taking alcohol out of the equation means I enjoy this time of year a lot more.

Sure, there’s still all the stress of organising a big family Christmas gathering, finding the right gifts for everyone and trying (but usually failing) to stay in budget.

But at least I’m doing all of this without a stinking hangover, restless sleep and lack of energy. When I was drinking everything seemed so hard and stressful.

So, what’s your plan for Christmas?

Not drinking or cutting back

If you’re choosing not to drink or trying to cut back make sure you stock up on some good alcohol-free options so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

Check out my Christmas mocktail recipe for inspiration.

You can also read my block How do I navigate end-of-year festivities for the ‘three Ws’ approach to enjoying social occasions.

Still drinking but worried about overindulging

If you can’t imagine the festive season without drinking, use this time to get curious about when you drink, why and how you feel afterwards.

And if you get to January and want support to change your relationship with alcohol, I’m offering a special offer – four coaching sessions for the price of three (see below).

However you’re spending the festive season, I hope you find the time to give yourself some care and compassion – it may just be the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Seasons greetings!

Want to rethink your drinking in January?

Sick of the struggle of wanting to cut back the amount you drink but finding it difficult to do so?

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