FOMO – am I really missing out?

When I began to entertain the thought of going alcohol free, I was filled with dread. It was not just the thought of life without my faithful friend wine but also the fear of missing out (FOMO). Whenever I considered going a month alcohol free I could not imagine doing anything social without having aContinue reading “FOMO – am I really missing out?”

I thought ditching alcohol would mean switching the light off

For years I knew that I was drinking too much alcohol, yet I would never have considered going alcohol free. To me, giving up alcohol was a drastic measure for those really in the grips of an addiction. It was something that people had to do because they had hit rock bottom, not something anyoneContinue reading “I thought ditching alcohol would mean switching the light off”

Six months – six highlights

Pop open the (non-alcoholic) sparkling wine – today I clocked up half a year of being alcohol free. If you told me six months ago that not only would I have reached this milestone, but that I’d be grateful that alcohol was no longer in my life, I would have scoffed at such a suggestion.Continue reading “Six months – six highlights”

Alcohol and Me – a dysfunctional love story

My relationship with alcohol is the story of an on again-off again, highly dysfunctional love affair. Booze has been my buddy throughout most of my adult life – my partying friend, my shoulder to cry on and a supporter when I was feeling stressed. Or so I thought. Alcohol was more like an abusive partnerContinue reading “Alcohol and Me – a dysfunctional love story”

Blindsided by the sudden urge for a drink

Early in my sobriety – in fact the first week – I heard some news that made me think I ‘had’ to have a drink. Even though it was my first week of sobriety, I was blindsided by this urge. You would think it was understandable that the first Friday night during the first weekContinue reading “Blindsided by the sudden urge for a drink”