Already overdoing it this festive season … and it’s not even Christmas Day yet?!

Overindulge Christmas

How are you going this festive season?

Are you full of goodwill, peace and joy?

Or, are you stressed about:

  • all the things you have to do before Christmas and/or the end of the year
  • spending far too much money
  • eating and drinking too much
  • hearing that f**king Mariah Carey Christmas song over and over and over again!

If you’re feeling more stressed than blessed, welcome to the club!

I used to drink to manage stress and at this time of year my drinking definitely spiked (especially with more social events on the calendar) .

By the end of December I would feel exhausted, bloated and far from relaxed.

In January I would vow to cut back or maybe even take the whole month off drinking.

But I was always white knuckling through until I could drink ‘normally’ again.

Special offer

If any of this is ringing true and you want to take back control of your drinking (without white knuckling it) in the new year, I’m providing a special one-on-one coaching offer.

If you book a six-week coaching session before the end of January you will receive:

  • Free book: A choice of either This Naked Mind by Annie Grace or Alcohol Explained by William Porter
  • Free guide: Three Strategies to Tackle Cravings
  • Free guide: The no-booze guide to bringing joy back into your life
  • Price freeze: My one-on-one coaching fee will rise on 1 February 2023 but you can lock in 2022 pricing before that date.


To find out more you can:

Want to know if it works?

If you’re unsure whether coaching would work for you, here’s a recent testimonial from one of my clients.

“I’m really grateful for the coaching which has focussed my attention and placed me firmly on the path to change. I’m doing ridiculously well and don’t really understand why it’s so easy this time round.”

KM (One-on-one coaching client)

You can view other testimonials on the homepage.

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