Can alcohol-free drinks help you cut back or stop drinking?

The alcohol-free drinks market is booming, which is great news if you’re trying to control your drinking. Why? Because the greater the choice of alcohol-free options, the more chance you’ll find some alternatives to your usual tipple. In a recent interview with SmartCompany, I was asked to comment on why I thought there was such an increaseContinue reading “Can alcohol-free drinks help you cut back or stop drinking?”

Swapping one drink for another – which drink is best?

I’m in a Facebook group where the members are all ‘women of a certain age’ (i.e. those going through perimenopause or menopause). It’s a great group and the women are funny and supportive – exactly what you need when hot flushes, unwanted weight gain and fluctuating mood swings are playing havoc with your physical andContinue reading “Swapping one drink for another – which drink is best?”

Review: McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling

A glass of sparkling wine on a summer’s day or to celebrate a special occasion signals fun, happiness, sunshine and – quite possibly – gorgeous people dressed in pastels. I used to buy into that bullshit because it was marketed so well. In fact, sparkling wine is so synonymous with good times that I wouldContinue reading “Review: McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling”