Top six podcasts if you’re rethinking your drinking

I love listening to podcasts.

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast that covers that topic.

Actually, most likely lots of podcasts on that topic!

If you’re rethinking your drinking there are so many podcasts featuring people talking about their experiences, providing advice and interviewing others about their journey with alcohol.

I’ve found that listening to them keeps me inspired and reminds me that I’m not the only one questioning the role of alcohol in my life.

My top six podcast recommendations

This Naked Mind – The book This Naked Mind was instrumental in helping me change my relationship with alcohol and led me to train as a certified This Naked Mind coach. The podcast includes interviews with people who have changed the way they drink as well as episodes that answer reader questions.

How I Quit Alcohol – I love the down-to-earth and conversational style of this podcast. Host Danni Carr (a reformed ‘trashbag’) has honest and raw conversations with her guests about drinking and all the positive aspects of breaking up with booze.

Last Drinks – Radio personality Maz Compton interviews well-known, as well as ordinary, people about their decision to take their last drink. The episodes are relatively short (about 30 minutes) and are great if you want to be inspired by people who have turned around their relationship with alcohol. You can click on this link to listen to my interview with Maz or search for it in your podcast app.

Present and Sober – Hosts Sam and Ellie (who are alcohol coaches trained in the same methodology as I am) have great banter switching from the serious topics to lighter moments. I was interviewed on the podcast about the Gray Area Drinking Trap.

Bite-Sized Balance – This podcast, hosted by certified burnout and balance coach Wendy McCallum, is not just about drinking. The focus is on helping busy people reduce stress, prevent burnout and replace unhealthy coping mechanisms like food, alcohol and social media with healthier habits. Wendy recently interviewed me for the pod – I’ll share the episode once it has aired.

The Hello Someday Podcast – Aimed at busy women who are sober curious or in the early stages of sobriety, this podcast has some great tips and strategies. Host Casey McGuire Davidson is very relatable and has some really interesting guests on the show.

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