Looking for extra support to cut back on your drinking?

January used to be the month that I promised myself that I would rein in my drinking.
Actually, I made that promise to myself every month but my intention was stronger in January!
I’d be recovering from the excesses of the festive season – too much wine, champagne and Christmas cake.
I’d be feeling sluggish and flat, promising myself that this time I was serious! I needed to drink less and be healthier!
Unfortunately, cutting back was harder than I thought and it became very frustrating.
I couldn’t really understand it because I was pretty disciplined in other areas of my life.
It was only when I took a different approach that I finally broke free from the cycle.
And now, as a certified alcohol coach, I help other women make that change.
(You don’t have to take my word for it –  you can see below for some client testimonials.)
If you are wanting to make a change to the way you drink this year and would like some support to do that, I’ve got a special offer this month on my coaching packages.

Special offer

If you book a six-session coaching package in January you’ll receive three freebies:

  • a free book (either This Naked Mind or Alcohol Explained) which were both very helpful to me when I was changing the way that I drank
  • a free guide “The no-booze guide to creating joy in your life”
  • an additional free guide “Three tried and tested ways to tackle cravings”

 I’m also offering this at 2022 prices – I’ll be increasing the cost of one-on-one coaching on 1 February.

Want to know more?
What clients have said about coaching:

“I’m really grateful for the coaching which has focussed my attention and placed me firmly on the path to change. I’m doing ridiculously well and don’t really understand why it’s so easy this time round.” – KM

“I experienced a fundamental mind shift. For the sake of my health and quality of life, I very much needed to make a change. The cliché of feeling like you are now free from a trap is so true. To no longer be beholden to alcohol is beyond liberating.” – TB

“Being coached by a person who has this experience is an amazing act of self learning. With the accountability of being coached, you will be more honest with yourself and are more likely to confront the real reasons that could free you from what is presently unseen or unconscious.” – AL

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