Tips for creating more joy in your life

Recently I made a small change to my morning routine that has made a big difference to the way I start my days.

I used to listen to the news while getting ready for work however I realised it was a very negative way to start the day.

So, I decided to switch up my morning routine and listen to music that I love.

As I’m getting ready I put on music I love (80s rock, Lizzo and Beyonce or even some 90s grunge) which I play on high volume in the background.

This new morning routine is part of my quest to bring more fun and joy into my life.

I’ve recently read The Power of Fun, in which author Catherine Price shares the importance of having fun in our lives and how essential it is for our wellbeing.

She lists the three components of ‘true fun’ as:

  • Playfulness
  • Connection
  • Flow

I figure that if I’m doing things that tick off at least two – ideally three – of these, then surely that’s got to be good for me.

What does that have to do with drinking?

Often when we have busy lives, it feels like the only times we have fun are when we’re letting our hair down. And that usually involves drinking.

But now that I’ve chosen not to drink I’ve realised that I can still enjoy those occasions no matter what is in my glass.

Not only that but I have more time and energy to seek out more fun. Instead of feeling flat and lacking in energy due to a hangover, I can do something I enjoy.

Some ideas for fun

I’ve listed below some of the things I do that bring some fun and joy into my life.

I encourage you to make your own list and, if it’s looking very short, maybe explore activities that you’ve always wanted to do or things that used to bring you joy.

My fun activities:
  • Seeing live music
  • Going for a walk with my partner or a friend, preferably with a dog (because you can’t help but feel a bit happier with a dog around!)
  • Playing cards or board games with friends or family
  • Going to a musical
  • Exploring new places – either on holidays or in my own city
  • Bike riding (include a ride down a hill with your feet off the pedals to bring back some childhood memories)
  • Listening to and dancing around to music at home
  • Boogie boarding
  • Going out jet-skiing with my partner
  • Painting (I do an adults paint-by-numbers as I’m not an artist!) while listening to a podcast or audiobook
Sick of alcohol sapping the joy from your life?

If the way you are drinking is getting you down and you want support to take back control, visit the My Services page on my website to see how I can help.

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