Continue drinking the way you are – the surprising advice I give to clients

You may think that as an alcohol coach the first thing I ask clients to do is throw out every alcoholic product in their home and stop drinking.

Not so!

My advice is one that often takes new clients by surprise.

“Continue drinking the way you currently are,” I tell them.

If you’re thinking that this is bad advice for people who are looking to cut back on how much they drink or quit altogether, hear me out.

Most of us can stop drinking or cut back – at least for a little while.

Whether it’s a day, a few weeks, a month (or the hours between 7am and 1pm), we can all rein it in.

But if we’re doing it by using willpower alone, which is how most people try to moderate their drinking, eventually we’ll cave in.

Change your drinking without feeling deprived

The approach I use is about making long-lasting change which means looking at the reasons why someone is drinking.

It’s about bringing deeply-held beliefs to the surface, and then examining and reframing them.

Giving each client a set of strategies and tools that will work for them as well as educating them about alcohol are also part of the process.

The point is, that continuing to drink when going through this approach is how my clients get to really understand why they drink the way they do. (See note below*)

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding a better approach (and one that actually works), you can:

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Alternatively, you can find out more about alcohol coaching and how it helps people take back control of their drinking.  

* It’s important to note that if someone has stopped drinking and wants my help, I do not suggest that they start drinking again. However, most of my clients are still drinking but want to drink less or not at all.

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