But wine is my one vice!

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I’m a fairly healthy person.

I exercise regularly, I avoid junk food as much as possible (although hot chips are my downfall) and I do all the regular health checks.

Let me just adjust my halo!

Actually, let me take that halo off because I’m certainly no angel.

That was definitely the case with drinking.

I loved white wine (a New Zealand savvy blanc was my fave) and, unfortunately, I loved it a little too much.

“I’m doing all the healthy things, wine is my one vice,” I would tell myself and anyone who would listen.

I saw it as a treat; a way to reward myself for all my healthy living.

Is it really a treat?

It seems like such a strange way to justify taking something that was clearly not doing me any favours.

It would be like putting a bit of poison on the plants in my garden to give them a ‘treat’ every now and again.

While I’m not much of a green thumb, I do give my plants enough care to ensure they stay alive (well most of them at least).

I certainly would never then turn around a splash on a bit of poison to ‘treat’ them for all the good plant care I provided.

Yet that was what I was doing to my own body.

Yes, I was eating well, exercising, trying to get enough sleep.

Then I’d turn around and pour a toxic substance into my body.

Questioning my beliefs

It’s only when I started questioning the way I drank that I began to re-examine my belief that wine was a ‘treat’.

I also questioned other long-held beliefs I had around alcohol, which is how I finally changed the way that I drank.

As an alcohol mindset coach I now use this same method to support other women who, like me, are using wine (or champagne or G&Ts … ) as their treat.

If you want to know more you can reply to this email or book in for a free 30-minute discussion call where I can explain how it works.

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