Advice I wish I’d given myself when I was struggling with drinking

In my recent interview with Annie Grace on the This Naked Mind podcast we talked about how I spent years trying to moderate my drinking until finally, after using her approach, I decided to take a break.

I learned more about how alcohol worked in my brain and body (spoiler alert – it’s addictive!) and began to understand the true reasons why I drank.

I started to think about drinking in a whole new way and made me realise that I could take a break from drinking without feeling deprived or that I was missing out.

Would life be better?

In the interview Annie asked what advice I would give my former self – the one who was trying and failing to moderate.

My response was:

“Instead of asking the question is it (my drinking) bad enough, ask the question: ‘would life be better without alcohol?’”

“The negatives that you think you’ll experience like missing out or being unable to socialise or take the edge off – none of these are true.”

“But you won’t know for sure if you don’t give it a go.”

Do I have to give up forever?

A lot of my coaching clients are worried that they’ll have to commit to giving up forever and that is too daunting.

It certainly was for me which is why I encourage people to do it as an experiment.

For me, I committed to a three-month break to see if it made a difference (another spoiler alert: it did!).

This is how I explained it in the podcast episode:

“It’s your choice whether you drink or not.”

“Don’t you want it to be your choice – a choice that comes from felling empowered, rather than you feel that you’re disempowered which most people feel when they’re in that place?”

Need support?

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