Questioning your drinking but don’t know how to fix it?

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In my recent interview with Sonya Lovell on the Dear Menopause podcast I talked about the years I spent questioning my relationship with alcohol but not knowing how to fix it.

I was a grey-area drinker – someone who is worried about the impact of their drinking but hasn’t hit a rock bottom or think they have a ‘drinking problem’. 

I later found out that this is very common for women in midlife.

We drink to cope with busy stressful lives until we realise that our drinking is starting to impact us.

How I took back control

So, what did I do when I realised that alcohol was doing more harm than good?

I started looking into why alcohol had such a hold on me and learnt how to make it small and irrelevant in my life.

In the past I had relied on habit change to cut back on my drinking … but it never lasted.

It wasn’t until I started working on my mindset – my thoughts and beliefs around alcohol –

that I was able to make a lasting change.

It was my choice about how much I drank and that was very empowering.

Want to make a change?

If you want to change the way you drink but are finding it more difficult than you thought, please reach out.

You can book in for a free discussion call to chat to me about the support I provide.

Listen to the podcast

Click here to listen to the Dear Menopause podcast.

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