How did you stop worrying about how much you were drinking?

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For years I tried to moderate my drinking but everything I tried seemed to make things worse, not better.

I would try to drink only two or three glasses of wine … then would feel like I’d failed when I ended up drinking more.

I tried to restrict myself to only drinking on weekends … but would often cave in during the week when I’d had a stressful day, someone had annoyed me or whatever other excuse I could use.

It was exhausting thinking about it all the time – wanting to drink but also wanting to cut back.

In my recent webinar – Three steps I took to gain back control of my drinking without using willpower – I shared my experience of struggling to moderate and what finally worked.

You can click here to view the webinar.

What worked?

I often get asked how I took back control so that I was no longer worrying about how much I was drinking.

It took me many years but finally I realised that the way I was trying to moderate wasn’t working.

What did work was:

  • Understanding how alcohol works in our bodies and brains
  • Realising that lasting change requires more than just habit change (although positive habit change is important)
  • Working through my subconscious thoughts and beliefs
Want to know more?

If you would like support to gain back control of your drinking you can:

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