The crazy rules I thought would help me cut back my drinking

Drinking anxious Christmas

When I was trying to moderate my drinking I had all these rules I tried to follow.

  • I’d only have two glasses of wine whenever I drank (that went out the window after the second glass!)
  • I’d only drink on weekends (weekends started on Thursday and ended on Sunday)
  • Weekends also included other days of the week if something was on, or I was annoyed, or I found any other excuse …. 
  • I’d drink one glass of water for every glass of wine (again, after two glasses this was forgotten)

It was exhausting and a little bit soul destroying.

Why was this so hard?

I could achieve what I wanted in other areas of my life so why was this so hard.

I had a busy job, a family life to manage, and being fit and healthy was important to me.

I knew how to make plans and stick to them.

Except when it came to drinking.

That was when I would cheat on myself.

Throwing the rule book out

So I stopped creating rules that I knew I would break and instead took a different approach.

After years of trying, I decided to tackle it in a different way.

What did I do?

I dug into my thoughts and beliefs around alcohol to examine the real reasons that I was drinking 

I learned how alcohol works in our bodies and brains (it’s quite complex and explains why I was finding it difficult to cut back)

Put in place lifestyle changes that actually worked

It was so powerful – and worked so well – that I now coach other women who, like me, are struggling to gain back control.

Looking for support?

If you want support to help you gain back control you can:

Book in a free discussion call(it’s like a mini coaching call – confidential, free and no pressure to go any further)

Find out more about alcohol coaching

Complete my online self-paced course

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