My three-step approach to taking back control of my drinking

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I know how tricky it can be to take back control of your drinking because it was something I was struggling with a few years ago.

🤔 I knew it was affecting me in all sorts of ways (poor sleep, making my menopause symptoms worse, weight gain, dark circles under my eyes, feeling blah!).

🤔 I was trying to drink less yet it was more difficult than I had expected.

🤔 I couldn’t understand why it was so hard – after all I was fairly disciplined in other areas of my life.

I realised that trying a habit change approach alone wasn’t the answer.

So what was the solution?

Taking a different approach

The approach that worked for me – and that I now use with my one-on-one clients – involves three steps:

  1. Understanding why I drank. I liked the taste, it helped to take the edge off, life was stressful and more fun. However, when I dug into these beliefs and started questioning my reasons for drinking, I began to change the way I thought.
  • Understanding how alcohol works. The way alcohol works in our brains and bodies is very complex and it’s why after a drink or two it can be difficult to stop. It’s why we can wake up vowing not to have a drink that night and by 5pm we’re bargaining with ourselves about whether to pour a drink.
  • Habit change. While it often takes more than simple habit change to make a lasting difference to the way you drink, it is part of the puzzle. it is important to have strategies in place to help you change deeply seated habits. It’s different for each person so in coaching I work with my clients to tailor habit-change strategies that suit them and their lifestyles.
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