My love / hate relationship with drinking

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Do you have a love / hate relationship with drinking?

  • After a busy day you relax with a drink or two.
  • Going out invariably involves drinking.
  • Holidays, parties and celebrations are all reasons to open a bottle of your favourite tipple.

  But there’s also a side you hate.

  • Hangovers
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Fragmented memories after a big night
  • Lack of energy
  • Impact on your mood

My love / hate relationship with drinking went on for years.  

I didn’t want to stop drinking as I thought that was a drastic measure and I certainly wasn’t at the stage where I needed to ‘sober up’, yet I wasn’t happy with the nasty side effects of alcohol.

So what’s the solution?

The way I changed my love / hate relationship with alcohol was firstly to realise that it was even going on.  

I then got curious.  

“I’m a smart woman who has control over all other areas of my life,” I thought.

“Why can’t I control my drinking?”  

It was only when I read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace that I started to question the role drinking was playing in my life.  

I discovered why it was so hard for me to moderate and it wasn’t because I was weak willed.  

I then learned to question my long-held beliefs about drinking.  

The entire process was empowering and helped me to gain back control over my drinking rather than feeling like I had lost control.  

It was so life changing that I decided to train as a This Naked Mind certified coach and now work with people who are struggling with their own love / hate relationship with drinking to help them gain back control.  

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