Want to change your drinking but don’t know how?

When I was worrying about my drinking and trying to cut back it was a really uncomfortable place to be.

While lots of people around me were drinking in the same way, I just knew that it wasn’t doing me any favours.

I was worried about my health.

I was concerned that I was starting to drink more … which meant my hangovers were worse.

But that stage of awareness was awful because the more I tried to cut back the more frustrated I became about how difficult it was.

“What is wrong with me?” I thought.

Nothing actually. It turns out alcohol is addictive and was working exactly how it was supposed to. 

It’s only when I took a different approach (examining my thoughts and beliefs around alcohol) rather than using willpower alone that I changed the way I drank.

I can now take it or leave it – something I tried for years to do.

Looking for support?

If you can relate to this and want to make a change, please reach out for support.

As an alcohol mindset coach I help women who want to either cut back on their drinking or take a break.

If you want to know more you can:

Book in for a free 30-minute discussion call where I can explain how it works

Find out more about alcohol coaching

Complete my online self-paced course

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